Monday, 24 June 2013

The road to Berlin

Monday, June 24, 2013
So, a month passed since my marathon in CPH and it is time to start training again.
The first 2 weeks after the marathon I used these to recover, the following week I started running again but then I ended up with 2 weeks of absolutely no running due to no energy and time!
I tried to pack my running gear and take it with me on my business trips, however time did not permit for running - too much social stuff going on and too much time spent on last minute preperations for the wedding. I know it is a bad excuse and it is good to be "back into it" now.

At the same time the "breather" gave me some time to reflect on why I am running, as I was slowly running out of steam. My focus had ended up being purely on the numbers - achieving the sub 3:30 in Berlin. This drew away my attention for why I am REALLY running: The ability to see more of the nature, the joy of using your body, the sense of fullfillment and happiness that follows after a long run. All these feelings are much more worth than a specific finish time.

So for now, my sub 3:30 training plan for Berlin is created and I will follow it closely, however I will remain focused on enjoying running instead of simply achieving time-splits.

Next time I will speak a bit about "Paleo Diet for Athletes" as well as "Pose Running"/"Barefoot Running" - I have tried expirementing with both and will share my findings.
Further the results from the scientific study I participated in is finally ready - these will follow later as well as they are extremelly interesting.

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