Saturday, 17 May 2014

Future goal

Saturday, May 17, 2014
I have finally recovered completely from Hammer Trail and started training again, with my target firmly set on Ultra Vasan in August.

Training plan
The training plan is laid out and I know what I need to do, now I just need to execute it. 
Compared to my training in the last half year my major change will be the terrain where I will try and mix in a long run in technical difficult terrain at least once a month. 
My idea is to go to either Møn, Hvalsø MTB trail or Sweden. Hopefully I will be able to mix it up a bit so I can get to see some lovely new parts of the area of the world I live in, while getting a better training for the technical sections. And hopefully I will be able to get a few my running buddies to join on these trips. 
The biggest challenge here will be to get it planned so it have a minimum impact on the time available with my family, especially considering the time I am already spending traveling for work.

Energy strategy
I will try out a slightly different energy tactic based on my partly successful "15 minute" strategy, which essentially consisted of a piece of energy every 15 minutes, but in a cycle which was shot block, energy gel, shot block, mini-snickers.
The thing I want to change is adding different gel flavors and alternatives to the snickers. For example I want to try tomato flavored gel, the win force energy bars as well as a few new cliff bars. I am even considering trying out making my own gels as I spoke to a guy at Hammer Trail who said it was dead easy... But let's see.
And most importantly I need to find a better source for electrolytes.

2015 goal
As mentioned last time, my 2015 goal was starting to take shape and I have now taken a giant leap of faith and signed up for the Salomon Hammer Trail 100 Miles in 2015. 
My original plan was to sign up to push myself and to make it difficult for me to change my mind later, but wait with "announcing" it until I had completed Ultra Vasan in August. However the organizers of the race put it on their Facebook wall as I was the first male who signed up for the distance in 2015, which makes it pretty difficult to fly under the radar.
So when they asked if I wanted to participate in a small group of participants who would be writing small pieces about their preparations for the 2015 race it was difficult to say no.
This of course just provides even further motivation as it makes it even harder to back out.

So now my training plan for the coming months needs to be expanded to go all the way up to May 2015.

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