Tuesday, 1 April 2014

WC Half-marathon

Tuesday, April 01, 2014
This had been hyped as being the biggest and most festive race in Denmark, and it did not disappoint. 

It was one week before "fyr til fyr" so I had to keep my pace slow and just enjoy the crowd and the atmosphere.

The weather was perfect which brought out the smiles on the participants as well as a good bunch of spectators. Standing along the road cheering for 30.000 people is just a lot more fun when the sun is shining. I managed to keep my pace down and enjoyed the race a lot.

 Unfortunately I had made a mistake as the inner lining of my shorts had not been sitting properly which had created a rather large wound between my legs. So after I had cooled down from the race I was walking like John Wayne (or a guy who had s*** him self). Not the best preparations for a 60k trail run! 
Luckily I remembered the remedy I had found after my first marathon which had left me with a similar injury: zinc lotion. I applied it multiple times a day for the coming days and luckily it helped the wound to recover completely in an amazing time.

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