Monday, 27 January 2014

Trials and trails

Monday, January 27, 2014
So 2013 did not turn out exactly as I had planned. It ended up being a real year of trials.
First with my CPH Marathon experience where I managed to complete the race in the time expected, but still had to suffer a bit from wearing the wrong clothing for the weather (more details in my race report).
Secondly I spent the most of summer tending to an achilles injury (more details in this post, which also give details on how to get a 5 % performance increase when running marathon).
I finally had to withdraw from the Berlin Marathon, which was a tough but wise decision given my achilles problems which were still showing plus the effect it had on my training in Q3.
Therefore 2013 ended up with a new PB on both the ½ Marathon and full marathon distance, yet still I did not manage to meet the goal of the year, the sub 3:30 at Berlin.

So what should I do in 2014? Focus on getting the sub 3:30 or something else? Well, my attention has shifted more towards trail running after completing a trail running camp last year - so the goals for 2014 are all related to trail running and in specific "ultra" trail running (meaning distances of 50k or more).
My primary goal for the year is the "Fyr til Fyr" ultra race in April, which is a 60k trail race along the rugged coast line of Bornholm. It is a race that provide a wide range of surfaces to run on, including sandy beaches, flat trail, technical trail and even a few sections on asphalt.
I have chosen this race as my debut ultra due to the course profile, length, location (I love Bornholm!) and the atmosphere of the race should be really great.

So since December 2013 the focus has been on increasing mileage slowly, which is going pretty well even though I have a tendency of skipping about one run per week. I am still logging around 40-60k per week and my long runs are now above 30k.

So for now everything looks good and I look forward to an exciting spring. A spring filled with so many great races that it is able to motivate to get me out running even in snow, rain and cold winds.

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