Short facts:
I am 30 years old, married with a young son.
Ultras completed: Fyr-til-Fyr 60k (2014), Salomon Hammer-Trail 50k (2014)
Marathon PB: 3:38 (CPH 2013)

The start:
I have always been very active by playing soccer and even completed a few half marathons when I was 15-16 years old.
In the beginning of my twenties I was focused on a lot of other things, so doing sports was a bit more on/off, until I started running consistently again about 2 years ago (summer 2012).

Since then everything has gone really fast and my development as a runner has gone really fast. I went from 0k per week to completing my first marathon in December 2012 after just 6 months of training. But I was hungry for more, so I quickly trained for the CPH marathon, which I completed with a new PB of 3:38.

Getting into ultra trail
My focus afterwards continued to be on improving my times, so I signed up for Berlin and started training for a sub 3:30 finish. This was all stopped by a minor injury over the summer period (most likely caused by overtraining).
Since my CPH marathon I had started doing more trail running as I love nature and prefer a run in the woods over a run on the sidewalk.
So instead of going to Berlin I ended up on the Tejn IF trail camp in October 2013. This became the start of a whole lot of trail races and the meeting of a bunch of nice people in the world of trail running.

In the time after the camp I have completed the Salomon Hammer Trail Winter Edition, Ultrarace Fyr-Til-Fyr, WC in Halfmarathon, Viking Trail and latest Salomon Hammer Trail 50k.

Why trail running:
What I love the most about trail running is that for me the experience is more important than the finish time - which is the opposite sensation I had with "asphalt races". I ended up getting to absorbed by split and section times instead of just enjoying the run. Furthermore there is a special atmosphere at trail races, people are very helpful and the trail running scene is in no way a closed one for a few hardcore elite runners.

I see myself more as a Diesel engine which fits perfect for the longer distances in comparison to the "sprint" races such as half marathon and even marathons. It challenges you mentally to run the long distances, which is what I am looking forward to push even further by participating in Salomon Hammer Trail 100 Miles race. And also just enjoy the beautiful nature on Bornholm, at least for the first couple of rounds.