Sunday, 10 February 2013

Running on empty

Sunday, February 10, 2013
So this week proved to be a good one, except for missing a run on the Friday and almost collapsing after completion of my long run on the Sunday.

The reason for missing the Friday run was purely due to travelling, had a 1-day business trip requiring me to get up at 4 AM and was not home until late.

The long run on the Sunday was 18 km, partly on snow covered paths in the nearby forest. I had not anticipated the additional effort it would take to run in these conditions (I know - pretty stupid and naive) so when I got home my legs were absolutely shattered.
My heavy legs could of course also be partly attributed to the fact that I was running the 18k at lunch time but without having any lunch prior to the run - so I was practically running on empty. This was a deliberate choice though, to boost my body's ability to absorb carbs. However I think I have to limit this training as much as possible as the rest of the Sunday has been spent on the couch in an attempt to fully recover.. phew!

Looking forward to next week which will consist of both fast runs as well as another nice 18k+ long run.

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